Most Frequently Asked Questions

Researching your orthodontic alternatives and diving to the sphere of orthodontic care may feel overwhelming. That is why we are dedicated to providing our clients as several resources and advice as we can. Have a look at a number of our Frequently Asked Questions below and, as always, in case you can not locate your particular question, do not be afraid to request our experienced staff. We have questions and answer that are usually asked mostly. We have sectioned of different categories to help you with some questions you might have for our orthodontist. 

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Orthodontic Questions

Orthodontics works by applying light constant force to the teeth to allow them to move in a predictable manner and direction. Orthodontic forces are applied through small brackets attached to the teeth using wires or via clear aligners using attachments to move the teeth by changing the shape of the aligner to a computerised model outcome. 

Orthodontic treatment is not necessary for everyone. The purpose of the treatment is to create a healthy bite, straight teeth are easier to clean therefore allow easier cleaing and therefore allow you to keep your teeth for much longer. Most cases are elective and the point of this treatment is to improve self esteem which it is an important benefit of orthodontic treatment ie gaining an attractive smile. In some cases orthodontic treatment is necessary to adjust the bite prior to surgery of the jaws or prior to dental work such as crown and bridge work. 

The best time to start seeing the orthodontist is age 9 years of age. At this age a lot of the baby teeth are being shed and the permanent teeth are starting to come through. The Orthodontist can asses if all the teeth are there or not  if there is any need to adjust the bite. Often an early course of treatment can simply and improve the final outcome. 

Yes it can be reversed. If teeth have been extracted or damaged then this is more difficult. However it is possible to correct teeth which have relapsed due to not wearing your retainer or to change the position of teeth by wearing a brace again. 

Dublin Orthodontists have been creating beautiful smiles since 2003. Our biggest fans are our patients due to the changes that they see over their time with us. From the beggining of your journey to the end of treatment you will recieve the best treatment from our Specialist team. We use all the latest brace technology and we are up to date with the ever changing world of Orthodontics. Patients like our payment plans, we work with you to get you a plan to suit your needs. We have a Dentist and a Hygienist here so all of your dental needs can be met if you don’t already have your own dentist. For more info see our before and after photos and what our patients are saying.

There is no right or wrong brace treatment, people are individuals and some people prefer metal braces to clear braces and some want clear retainers. The treatments are different prices and that often dictates what treatment people go for. One thing that is the same a super spectacular smile whatever brace you choose.

Invisalign Questions

The Orthodontist or Therapist will use a drill to remove the glue from the teeth. This is a quick procedure normally lasting no more than 10 to 15mins 
The Invisalign appliance is custom made to fit the patient like a glove. A series of aligners work to move your teeth into a new position. Your teeth can move up to 0.25mm a day if you are wearing the aligner 22 out of 24hours. 
You will start to see results a few weeks after fitting the aligners. Everyone’s teeth are different and move at different rates, the younger you are the quicker the teeth move. Some changes like twists in the teeth correct quite quickly other changes like fixing the bite may take longer. 
Not everyone is suitable for Invisalign your Orthodontist will assess you first. Invisalign is a better aesthetic alternative to braces and it does work better in some cases than others but for more difficult cases fixed braces metal or clear are a better solution. 
Yes Invisalign is very good at reducing a deep bite. 
More difficult cases are not suitable talk to your Orthodontist.

Kids Braces Questions

There is no set age that children should see the Orthodontist, some children get their adult teeth early some late. In general once the front teeth have started to come through then make an appointment also in general have an Orthodontic check in 6th class.
The best age to see a child is about age 9 years when they have started to get some of their adult teeth.
No in fact it is often beneficial to have some of your baby teeth so that the Orthodontist can help nature develop the smooth into a better shape. 


Metal braces are most commonly worn but form some children, Invisalign is becoming an option.


Yes see payment plans page, this will give you an idea of our options.

Kids get braces for many different reasons sometimes these are personal. Teenagers can be really self conscious about their teeth, teeth with a poor appearance can seriously affect a teenager’s self esteem. If you have straight teeth not only does it make a person look more attractive but it will result in a healthier smile that will last for a life time. As we get older we can loose our teeth due to poor brushing gum disease and a poor diet, straightening childrens’s teeth allows them to brush more easily and this can help them to maintain healthy strong teeth for longer.

Adult Braces Questions

There is no age when an adult should get braces, the ideal time to treat a patient is when they are a teenager but if you missed the boat or if you find your teeth are moving then you should seek help with the Orthodontists. You are never too old to start at present our oldest patient has been in their 60’s. 
No when you are an adult the teeth move slower so the braces might be on a little bit longer than a teenager.
There are many reason that adults get braces but often it is to improve the appearance of their smile, in other cases it might be necessary to fix the bite and in cases involving another dentist the patient may have been referred for braces to put the teeth into a better position prior to bridges crowns or veneers. Sometimes adults are referred for braces which are a better alternative to veneers as they do not destroy the teeth. 
Yes sometimes we can move the remaining teeth into a better position in preparation for implants or bridges to replace the missing teeth.
They are much the same price as children’s. The price will depend on what type of brace you choose.

Clear Braces Questions

The same amount of time as metal braces for an average case 18-24 months.
They work in the same way as metal ones by applying a light force to the tooth to move it into a different position.
Clear braces are made of porcelain and a metal insert to enable the teeth to move along the metal wire. 
In general adults who are looking for a cosmetic solution choose clear braces as they are not as visible as the metal braces.
Clear braces are less visible than metal braces. You have to be quite close to a person before you notice them. They are not unattractive and newer materials mean the braces are smaller and stain resistant making yellow looking braces a thing of the past.
The costs of clear braces are €300 more expensive than the metal braces.

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