Metal Fixed Braces for Adults

Metal Fixed Braces for Adults

While childhood is typically considered to be the ideal time to adjust the positioning of the teeth, more adults are opting to seek out orthodontic treatment options. If you have teeth that are protruding, overcrowded or misaligned, you’ll find that braces can be a gentle and relatively comfortable solution to your orthodontic concerns.

Fixed metal braces are one of the most common types of orthodontic treatments. They can be applied to all, or just the top or bottom set of teeth.  Whether you need to fix an irregular bite, correct large gaps between teeth, or simply straighten your smile, metal braces will help to bring your teeth and lips into the correct alignment for your jaw, improving the appearance of your teeth and your overall dental health.

At Dublin Orthodontists, we believe everyone deserves to have their best smile, and so offer affordable treatment plans to suit your particular needs.

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Understanding Orthodontic Braces

As an adult with a full and busy life, you may have delayed orthodontic treatment due to feeling reluctant to have a mouth full of visible metal braces. Advances in orthodontic technology now mean that adults have much more by way of options. Today, adult orthodontic patients have options that are much less visible, minimally invasive and even virtually invisible.

The type of braces that adults have available to them will depend largely on the treatment that is being sought and that is needed. If there is the need to correct the bite, patients have options that will allow them to achieve their desired results without the need to have a mouth of metal braces.

The Invisalign aligner trays, Six Month Smiles braces and the traditional metal braces are all options available to adults.

At Dublin Orthodontists, we believe everyone deserves to have their best smile, and so offer affordable treatment plans to suit your particular needs.

Braces for Adults

Each type of orthodontic treatment works in the same manner. Steady and gentle pressure is applied to the teeth that are being adjusted. The pressure is constant and may cause some minor discomfort for patients each time that they get an adjustment or need to switch to a new aligner tray.

With the constant pressure come the results that patients are looking for. It is important to keep up with follow up orthodontic appointments during treatment so that adjustments can be made when and where necessary.

Orthodontic treatments are an option for adults with orthodontic concerns, just as they are options for children and teenagers. The treatment offered will be tailored to the orthodontic and cosmetic needs of each patient.

Orthodontic concerns that can be addressed include the following.

  • Crowded or crooked teeth
  • Overbites
  • Under-bites
  • Deep bites
  • Facial or jaw asymmetry
  • Uneven spacing between teeth
  • Teeth realignment prior to further dental treatments, including veneers and crowns

The treatment procedure will be based largely on the type of treatment that is being offered to each individual patient.

  • An orthodontic consultation is the first step that should be taken.
  • The patient’s teeth and jaw will be evaluated by the orthodontist.
  • The patient’s expected goals of treatment will be discussed so that both doctor and patient are on the same page.
  • A treatment plan will be mapped, using the latest in orthodontic technology.
  • If aligner trays or models need to be created, they will be sent off to the laboratory.
  • Patients will return to the clinic for placement of the braces or aligners.
  • A schedule will be established for return visits so that progress can be evaluated and any adjustments can be made.

The length of treatment will vary greatly between the types of orthodontic solutions that are being used. The Invisalign system can take between 9 and 15 months for patients to see their desired results. Compare this timeline with the results seen from the Six Month Smiles system, where patients can achieve their desired cosmetic results in as few as 4 months. Traditional braces can take as long as 24 months for patients to see their final results.

Each type of braces offers its own set of benefits. Only your orthodontist can determine which option will benefit and address your specific orthodontic needs.

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Benefits of Metal Fixed Braces

The benefits of straightening out your teeth with fixed metal braces is immense. They will not only improve your oral hygiene, but also boost your self-esteem. 

Braces also help to relieve tension and stress in the jaw. When your teeth are not fitting together correctly, you might also find yourself clenching or grinding your teeth, particularly when sleeping. Braces will correct all that, and you will probably find it easier to eat and chew your favourite foods.

Your smile is one of the very first things that people notice about you. When you feel confident in your smile, you can feel confident in all areas of your life. When you’re self-conscious about crooked teeth you may try to hide your smile, which can have an adverse effect on your confidence levels.

Even patients who may have once had perfectly straight smiles may find that their teeth have shifted. As adults they may find that they have an overcrowded smile and crooked teeth. Braces can remedy these cosmetic concerns in just a few short months of treatment.

Research has demonstrated that misaligned teeth are much more susceptible to gum disease and decay, as a result of food and plaque buildup between the teeth. 

What Our Patients Say

Why Choose us for your Orthodontic Treatment

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional orthodontic care in a caring, friendly environment. Our philosophy is that you need not pay the earth, travel miles or sacrifice your valuable time for professional orthodontic services.

We treat every patient with the utmost care, and make sure to walk you through all the procedures as they happen so you can feel comfortable and secure at all times.

We also offer payment plans for those who need it. All our orthodontic surgeons are fully qualified and have a lot of experience in applying metal fixed braces for children and adults, so you can rest assured knowing you are being treated by professionals.

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How Much Are Metal Braces

The cost of orthodontic treatments varies depending on everyone’s individual case, and the type of treatment required. During your consultation with our orthodontists, we will work out the best treatment plan for you, and make sure to in inform you of all costs before performing any treatments. With that in mind, metal braces are one of our most cost effective options.

At Dublin Orthodontists, we want everyone to have the chance to get their perfect smile, so will work with you to find a payment plan and structure that gets you the best results.  We also use a percentage of your fee to support local charities and sports clubs so you can feel good that getting your best smile as it is helping put big smiles on little local faces.

Adults From
Fixed braces – one arch €2,800
Fixed braces – both arches €3,350
Ceramic braces – extra cost per arch €250
Invisalign® Lite (14 aligners) €3,300 – €3,900
Invisalign® Full €3,900 – €4,900
Incognito® Lingual Braces €5,000 – €7,000
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