Introduction To Braces

Braces are one of the most common orthodontic treatments.  Whether you need to fix an irregular bite, correct large gaps between teeth, or simply straighten your smile, braces will help to bring your teeth and lips into the correct alignment for your jaw, improving the appearance of your teeth and your overall dental health.

Crooked, crowded or misaligned, teeth create all sorts of problems. For example overbites or underbites can put a strain on your jaw as you are not evenly using your teeth, and can lead to tension and teeth grinding. Teeth that are stacked close together on the other hand, are hard to clean and can cause a buildup of plaque and bacteria, leading to further dental health issues.

At Dublin Orthodontists, we can help fix all these issues by recommending the right type of braces for you. Options range from traditional metal braces, through to clear or see-through braces, removable retainers, and lingual braces.  These dental treatments use constant, gentle pressure, which will gradually guide your teeth into their correct alignment, relieving tension and giving you a healthier smile.

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Benefits of braces

Braces can correct almost all orthodontic problems. They will straighten crooked teeth, shift the alignment of out-of-place teeth, and push overbites into their proper position, giving you a much more natural smile- The advantages also go beyond mere appearance, and will help improve your overall oral hygiene. This is because teeth that are properly aligned are a lot easier to brush and floss between, which reduces your chances of developing issues like tooth decay and gum disease. You’ll find it a lot easier to maintain your oral health, and so are likely to face fewer issues in the future.

In addition, after braces you will probably find it easier to eat and chew. This may sound like a small thing, but if your teeth are even a little out of alignment, your top and bottom jaw slip and jolt when you eat, even if you don’t notice it.  Because they are not fitting nicely together, you might also find yourself clenching or grinding your teeth, particularly when sleeping. This can cause headaches, and tension in the jaw from all the stress.

Beyond that, braces will improve the appearance of your smile, which in turn boosts your confidence and self-esteem. Studies also show that having a good-looking smile can improve your chances of getting your ideal job, as you walk into the room with confidence.

  • Fix misaligned teeth
  • Correct overbites and underbites
  • Easier to brush and floss
  • Better oral health
  • Prevent future problems
  • Reduced chance of dental decay
  • Stronger, more stable jaw
  • Easier to bite and chew
  • Improved smile
  • Boosted confidence and self-esteem

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What Our Patients Say

Why Choose Getting Braces

If you are unhappy with how your teeth look, come in for a consultation, and we can help work out if braces are right for you. There are a range of different treatment options available including traditional metal braces that you’ll see most commonly, and cosmetic braces. Cosmetic braces are a common choice for adults as they use a see through plastic material, and so are less visible in your smile. We offer see through braces, as well as Invisalign clear retainers which is suitable for more minor treatments. Most orthodontic problems can also be corrected with lingual braces. Whether you have crooked or crowded teeth, an over or under bite, there is a treatment option for you. We believe everyone deserves to have their perfect smile, and offer affordable treatment plans based on your unique set of teeth.

Clear Braces Advantages

Clear braces are a great alternative for people who feel self-conscious about wearing braces. They are a suitable option for most orthodontic problems, depending on the severity. We offer Invisalign clear retainers which is suitable for more minor treatments. The Invisalign system uses clear retainers to correct the positioning of your teeth, similar to the way regular retainers do. The benefit of Invisalign however is they are pretty much invisible, so they have hardly any impact on your day to day life. A lot of people won’t even notice you are wearing them!  What’s more is that they are removable. This means you can carry on eating all your favourite foods and playing your favourite sports as normal. You still need to wear your Invisalign clear aligners for around 20 hours a day for best results, but they are much more convenient than traditional braces. They are easy to take out and clean each night, which makes it much easier for you to brush and floss as normal.

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